Legitimate Super Bowl Betting Sites

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Reviewing Reputable Online Super Bowl Betting Sites

When it comes to the most bet on sporting events in the United States, you don’t need an instant replay or booth review to know that no other single game comes close to the amount wagered on the Super Bowl annually.

Americans bet an estimated $7 billion on the final game of the NFL season each year, and sportsbooks around the world are expected to see a record amount of wager placed on Super Bowl 57 in 2023.

Because the state-by-state legalization of sports betting has been a slow process, domestic options have limited availability and only account for a tiny slice of the action on the big game. In fact, approximately 98% of all Super Bowl bets are placed at legitimate football betting sites located outside the United States.

Most Trusted Super Bowl Betting Site For 2024

Below you’ll find our reviewed list of the best betting sites for the 2023 Super Bowl. Because each one has slight differences that may give your football wagers an edge, we strongly recommend checking out each one to see which of the legitimate USA sportsbooks has the best lines and odds that work in your favor.

For our money, Bovada comes out on top as the clear choice for which sportsbook is the best legit betting site for Super Bowl 57. The company—one of the most respected and well-known gambling brands in the world— was created over a decade ago to give U.S. bettors a safe and trustworthy online alternative to the back alley bookies running rampant stateside.

Since launching in 2011, Bovada has prided itself on having the fastest payouts in the industry, expanding transaction options to include Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, creating a clean user interface that features live in-play betting as well as a mobile app, and offering a smorgasbord of odds, betting lines, and props bets for the Super Bowl.

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Top Super Bowl 57 Sportsbooks For 2024

Site NameBonusRatingUSAVisit/Review
Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Max $1,0004.6Visit Site Read Review
Betonline Logo50% Max $1,0004.4Visit Site Read Review
Bookmaker20% Max $5004.3Visit Site Read Review
Sportsbetting.ag50% Max $1,0004Visit Site Read Review

Where Can I Place A Bet On Super Bowl LVII?

Trying to find a place to take your bet on the Super Bowl is a risky venture in the digital world. Not receiving a payout after winning a wager, no response when contacting the site via emails or phone calls, and even having a virus spread to your smartphone or computer are some of the most common fears associated with deplorable online and mobile sportsbooks.

Fortunately, none of the Super Bowl betting sites listed above are legitimate and reputable and produce timely and accurate payouts. Each one conducts honest business, and below, we’ll dive into how we determine if a sportsbook is legit or not.

How To Know If A Super Bowl Betting Site Is Legit

There are several ways to identify whether a Super Bowl betting site is legitimate or an Internet scam. We created this platform to help bettors avoid having their money stolen when making a deposit at an online sportsbook.

Similar to the sportsbooks we select for Super Bowl Sunday, our process for making recommendations is based on openness, honesty, trustworthiness, and transparency—the core tenants of legitimacy.

Super Bowl Sportsbook Criterion - Legitimate Or Not Legit?

When selecting the best Super Bowl betting sites, we created a checklist that every sportsbook must pass before they earned our recommendation. You can breathe easy knowing we’ve done the necessary research, but here are five key make-or-break factors in our strict criterion for determining whether a site is a scam or is so good it’s too legit to quit.

1. Regulation

Whether it's displayed at the bottom of each page or can be found in the terms and conditions, all of the sportsbooks we recommend should offer their credentials that prove they are regulated by a gambling commission in the jurisdiction where it operates.

This is the most important factor for whether a betting site is legit or not because being regulated means you can dispute any wager that may have been misgraded with the commission. If neither is present, then you risk being out of luck at the end of the day.

2. Submit To Third-Party Fairness Checks?

Having a governing body in Europe or North America to oversee the sportsbooks’ day-to-day operations is the safest bet to ensure fair play. If a betting site does not subject itself to random third-party checks, then avoid them at all costs.

3. Modern Or Dated Site Design?

If a website or mobile app looks like it was made when computers and smartphones first became a “thing,” then you need to back out asap. Outside of an initial promo when first visiting, a reputable brand won’t bombard you with pop-ups or try to open new windows every time you click something. Also, elements of a page or app not loading is a sure sign that the sportsbook is illegitimate.

4. Multiple Ways To Contact?

A sportsbook has no excuse these days for only having an email or phone number to contact them if you have any issues. The sites we recommend all have email, phone, 24/7 live chat, and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and several other platforms. If the brand isn’t on at least one social media site, then it’s probably a fake sportsbook.

5. Verification And Payout Excuses

If an online sportsbook has a documented history of slow verification, deleting accounts, or withholding payouts for weeks or months, then do not sign up or make a deposit because it’s likely a scam. Any betting site that does this has no intention of paying up after you win, so it’s best to avoid them entirely.

Why Is Super Bowl Betting So Popular?

The viewership for a sporting event typically determines how much is bet on a single game. Because championships determine the best team of a specific time period (usually a season or year), title games will always draw the most attention from the public, and as a result, more people will wager money on the outcome.

The NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States in terms of per-game viewership, and winning the Super Bowl and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy is the crowning achievement for any professional football player.

Because the Super Bowl is the most-watched single-game sporting event in the country—with around 100 million viewers annually—it’s no surprise that it receives the most betting action at sportsbooks.

When it comes to legitimate NFL betting, it is easy to get lured into a not-so-safe situation. Therefore, we created this guide to pass on our years of professional experience with using online sportsbooks.

Who Is Favored To Win Super Bowl 57?

The current Super Bowl futures odds predict that the Kansas City Chiefs will win SB LVII in February of 2022. Of course, these are preseason NFL futures and are projected from several months out. The betting lines that are revealed in the weeks leading up to Super Bowl 57 will feature much more accurate NFL odds.

What Types Of Super Bowl Bets Are There?

In addition to the betting line (point spread, money line, over/under) featured in the previous section, reputable online sportsbooks frequently offer hundreds, if not thousands, of ways to wager on the Super Bowl.

Because Super Bowl betting is essentially the sportsbook version of “Black Friday,” oddsmakers from around the world need to grab your attention if they want to have any hopes of breaking through the competition and establishing themselves as a legitimate contender for your dollar.

And offering the most over-the-top Super Bowl prop bets is a tried and true method of grabbing both the media and your attention. All trustworthy sportsbooks offer Super Bowl proposition betting for player and team stats, but the cream that rises to the top will find storylines, both on and off the field, and create odds on whether something does or doesn’t happen.

Best Unique Super Bowl 57 Prop Bets

Whether it’s an over/under on national anthem length, odds on the coin toss result or wagers on the color Gatorade bath the coach will take, prop bets for the Super Bowl are where the sportsbooks can truly differentiate themselves from the competition.

Bovada frequently rises to our top spot for props, and their oddsmakers don’t disappoint with this year’s offerings. Here are some of our favorite unique prop bets for last year's Super Bowl that will serve as an example until the SB LVII props return.

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