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Locating Secure and Trusted Sportsbooks for US Players

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American sports bettors that don't live near a physical casino have had a tough time placing sports wagers in the past. That is because the U.S. Department of Justice currently does not allow legitimate USA sports betting to be offered by US-based companies. The exception is in Nevada and a few other locations around the United States, but there are now secure and reputable virtual bookmakers that deliver legally licensed and legit sports gambling access to responsible adults of legal gambling age in the USA. The key is in identifying and verifying where Internet sportsbooks have obtained their licensing. For legit US online sports betting that is safe and trusted, ensure that a particular sportsbook has been certified and regulated by a reputable Internet gambling license provider.

In many cases this will mean an offshore location, but the word "offshore" does not carry the negative connotations that it did in the past. Previously synonymous with "unreliable" and "dishonest", offshore simply means located outside of the United States, for Internet gambling purposes. And a few offshore jurisdictions like Curacao, the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada, Panama and Gibraltar have developed a reputation for providing genuine licensing to Internet sportsbooks which operate in a trustworthy and honest manner. Once you have ascertained that an Internet bookmaker has a legal license for offering Internet sports wagering action, then you need to investigate other traits which identify respectable online sports betting for US players. The same concept holds true for UK online sports betting sites as well.

Most Secure And Honest Online Sports Betting Sites For US Players

Just a quick note to my visitors: I know it seems weird that every site is highly rated on legitimatesportsbetting.com. This isn't because we are lazy or cavalier with our site rankings. It's simply because we really do recommend only the most trusted online sportsbooks in the industry, which leaves out all the bad apples that would normally bring in a 2 or 3 star rating.

Site NameBonusUSAVisit/Review
Bovada Sportsbook Logo50% Max $250Visit Site Read Review
Bookmaker50% Max $300Visit Site Read Review
Betonline Logo25% Max $1,000Visit Site Read Review
Sportsbetting.ag75% Max $1,000Visit Site Read Review
Wagerweb Sportsbook100% Max $1,000Visit Site Read Review
GTBets Sportsbook100% Max $250Visit Site Read Review
DSI Sportsbook15% Max $2,500Visit Site Read Review

Identifying Legitimate USA Sports Betting Sites - Our Review Process

In the top section, we highlighted the important traits and features which are the hallmarks of honest and secure online sports betting for USA players. They are only uncovered after a thorough and time-intensive review of licensing, banking and payout options, betting confirmation speed and reliability, betting line competitiveness and the sports which are offered for wagering. If you have neither the time nor the inclination to undergo such an exhaustive site review, we have done the homework for you. As industry consultants and Internet gamblers ourselves, our intensive review process covers the important areas below.

Legitimate Sports Betting Licensing And Certification

Dictionary.com defines legitimate as "according to law; lawful; in accordance with established rules, principles, or standards." And the established rules, principles and standards that the online sportsbook industry holds in very high regard are those practiced by offshore jurisdictions which have legalized and regulated Internet gambling. You can consider yourself a recipient of legitimate US online sports betting when your virtual bookmaker has been certified by one of the reputable online gambling license providers that are well known in the industry. The key is in knowing which license providers can be trusted, and which cannot. After years as industry consultants, we have identified the applicable licensing issuers, and we ensure a sportsbook is reliably licensed before we continue our review process.

Are Betting Lines, Sides and Totals Competitive?

The next bit of research we undertake involves uncovering the legitimacy of the point spreads, totals and betting lines an Internet sportsbook offers. Legitimate USA sportsbooks closely watch the gambling industry's top line-makers in Nevada, and they use this information when setting their own betting lines. Also, parlay and teaser payouts will differ from site to site in many cases, but the payout should be respectable. We identify legit Internet bookmakers as those that very seldom differ drastically from the industry-standard, and maintain competitive betting lines which mirror the reputable brick-and-mortar casinos operating in the United States.

What Sports and Bets Are Covered?

The next question we ask ourselves is, "What sports are covered, and what type of bets are allowed?" The most trusted online sportsbooks will cover the major sports leagues. But even though you may never want to bet on a sport like snooker, martial arts, softball or soccer, these are all excellent signs that you are doing business with a management team that will go the extra mile to keep its customers happy. As a United States sports bettor, this is an indicator of a legitimate US online sports betting operation. But you also want to investigate what type of bets are allowed. Most Internet sportsbooks offer spread, money line and totals betting. However, it is beneficial to know that your particular sportsbook also offers parlay and teaser options, live in-game betting, futures bets and proposition bets as well.

Are Betting Confirmations Speedy and Accurate?

Another very important consideration which is an integral piece of the overall safe and secure feeling you get from a legitimate USA sports betting enterprise concerns betting confirmations. If you see an attractive betting line, you log into your account, lay the price at the favorite minus 3 points, but you receive a betting confirmation 10 minutes later that you are giving up 4 points, you will not be happy. You want quick and verifiable betting confirmations that truly reflect the bet you place, and when you do need to talk to a customer support member, you want instant access. Our review process demands nothing less.

What Are the Banking and Payout Choices?

Can you use your preferred credit card to fund your account? When you request a payout, is it swift, and delivered via a reputable financial vehicle? How long do deposits take to hit your account, so that you can actually wager with that money? These are all important questions we ask when we review potentially legitimate USA sportsbooks. As gamblers ourselves we demand, and you should as well, multiple, reputable banking deposit and withdrawal options that are handled in a timely manner. These should include but should not be limited to credit card transactions.

Other Considerations

If you review an Internet sportsbook where you are considering making a real money deposit, and you find that the answers to the above important questions are answered favorably, congratulations. You have just uncovered one of the few legally licensed and reputable Internet bookmakers supporting legitimate US online sports betting. You may have other personal considerations to take into account, and our particular review process includes checking up in Internet sportsbook chat rooms and forums for a sense of what the virtual gambling community feels about a Cyber bookmaking operation. We also investigate what type of site software is used, if responsive technology supports mobile gaming, and there are several other considerations we look into. Only then do we label a website as a legitimate USA sports betting destination, as long as the above questions are answered favorably.