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Betting Football with the Most Trusted Online Sportsbooks

Football ClipAmerica, being a capitalistic society, is set up to be very competitive, which is one of the primary reasons that so many Americans love betting on their sports. Though this also means that there's a hierarchy to sports, with some sports doing a lot better than others. The king of all sports, in terms of both views and betting numbers, is football played on the professional level via the National Football League (NFL). Lucrative TV contracts, the world's largest annual sporting event, and billions of dollars exchanging hands every season by way of online betting sites; to say that betting on football is popular with Americans is the understatement of the century. However popular the genre may be, one should still realize that it's not just as easy as pressing a button online. You first have to find a football betting site, a sportsbook, that can be trusted.

So before you rush into your betting and place your money down on one of your favorite teams, we're first going to tell you a few things about the right type of sportsbook. It's of vital importance that you find a sportsbook you can trust without equivocation or exception. Sportsbooks have your financial information, other personal information, and will end up connected directly to your Internet. A sportsbook that violates this trust could cause some serious havoc in your life. So this isn't just blowing some smoke here. You need a football betting site that's completely trustworthy.

What Makes Football Betting In The US So Popular

Though, many people are asking what makes football so popular among betters in the first place. What is it about this sport that does so well compared to others? First and foremost, it's a more popular sport to watch in America. The physical contact, the speed of the game, the scoring, the highlight-reel plays; it all adds up to some serious excitement. Then, because it's such a widely viewed sport, there are also a lot more lines on which one can bet, including a lot more proposition bets and live bets than what other sports have.

The popularity is carried to the forefront by the high-level sportsbooks out there, and what you're left with is a lot more incentive surrounding football than with other sports. For instance, some sites will give you bonuses specific to football just for betting, like the equivalent of cash-back rewards. But bringing things full circle, of course, these are advantages you're only going to find with the top-tier sportsbooks in operation today.

What a Good Sportsbook is Made Of

There's a lot more that goes into making a good sportsbook than what you may realize at first. Even if you happen to be an avid gambler, frequenting some sites often, you still may not know exactly what it is about a sportsbook that makes it a winner. Here are a few things that a sportsbook needs in order to stand out apart from the others on the Internet. A great sportsbook must:

  • Offer early, competitive lines
  • Provide you with tons of betting lines and further betting options
  • Offer you a lucrative bonus and ongoing promotions
  • Have a stellar reputation for doing great business
  • Offer up tons of different sports and even advanced football options in its football section
  • Provide quality customer support
  • Offer a seamless layout with great graphics
  • Operate very well on any sort of hardware you're using; e.g. PC, laptop, phone, tablet, etc
  • Provide banking options for you that are free and instant

What to Look for in a Top Notch Sportsbook

So, when you're in the market for a quality sportsbook, those are the things you want to be on the lookout for. Though why do you need to find those sorts of things? Why couldn't you just settle for the first book you found that accepted your action? Well, let's run through a few key points here on which you should focus.

1: Keep in mind that lines are typically set by places like Vegas, and a line can be tinkered with to entice action that's good for the house. For instance, a shoddy sportsbook may tweak an over-under score to push all the action to a desired result, so when the opposite hits, it's the sportsbook that makes out well.

2: Some shoddy books aren't offering a ton of different betting options. They might have basic lines, but you could be hard-pressed to find things like prop bets and live bets. So when you want to leverage your bets, you cannot do anything; your hands are tied and you'll have to bet only on full game lines, no quarter-by-quarter action or prop wagers.

3: The reputation of a place says what you need to know. If a new burger joint opens up near you, and people are complaining about food poisoning and a nasty-tasting product, you're likely not going to eat there. It will go out of business quickly. Conversely, if the food is great, word spreads around. It's the same principle here with a quality sportsbook. If they're offering the goods, word spreads.

4: Software packages are especially important if you hope to see the events simulcast live. Maybe you want to watch the football action you're betting on. And besides, substandard software lags and glitches and isn't very attractive to look at.

These are just a few of the many reasons that you should be looking for the aforementioned criteria in the sportsbook you choose. These aren't just some trivial points to fill up page space. These are important issues to consider.

Our Process for Finding Reputable Football Betting Sites

A lot of gambling networks out there that offer up similar information only offer information based on popular search results. In other words, they're just looking for the most popular sites and then telling you what they are. They don't actually put in the legwork to ensure player safety and satisfaction. We take a different approach to our service here. We're gamblers ourselves, not just businesspeople trying to make a buck. So rather than seeing what's popular and then simply copy-pasting the site name, we're signing up with these sites. We're gambling with these sites. We're looking inside of every nook and cranny and testing every feature.

We're on the lookout for sportsbooks that place a large emphasis on football, collegiate and professional, and so we're looking for sites that offer tons of solid lines that reflect the Vegas market, a great reputation, plenty of banking options, solid graphics, prop and live sections, and much more. This sort of site could be a high-rated site, or it could even be a site that many haven't heard of before. It all depends on what we find through independent research of the sportsbook in question.

What You Can Expect to Find on Our List of the Best Sites

Because we're so detail oriented when it comes to reviewing and rating these football-friendly sportsbooks, we're not exactly going to be listing off dozens of different sportsbooks. Instead of focusing on quantity, we shift our focus to quality. So what we're after are thorough, honest reviews on the best sportsbooks we can find. And so what this means, in a nutshell, is that our list isn't going to be quite as extensive as some other places. However, you will get more of an intimate feel and will be able to relate with the sites better, as you will be able to know that you can trust these sites and that you aren't simply looking at advertising for popular sites.

So remember that when you're dealing with Legitimate Sports Betting, you're not just finding some puff pieces on the biggest names in the business. You're getting detailed information from actual gamblers pertaining to the sites on which betting football is easier and superior to the competition.

Football Betting Options Found At Every Site We Recommend

All of the sportsbooks found on this page offer the following for betting on football games:

  • NFL Betting Lines
  • College Betting Lines (NCAAF)
  • Quarters, Half Time And Game Lines
  • Parlays, Teasers, Pleasers And Prop Bets
  • Mobile Friendly Betting

The biggest and most reputable football betting sites really do come correct when it comes to offering attractive betting options and a robust software platform that is both desktop and mobile friendly.

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