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Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

Introduction - BetCRIS is one of the most widely recognized families of Internet gaming websites. The company has been involved in Internet gambling of one sort or another as a respected offshore company since 1985. BetCRIS is the parent company of Bookmaker, who has also been around since 1985. Legal licensing is held in San Jose, Costa Rica, US player support is offered, and international sports bettors are welcome as well. The online sportsbook is accompanied by an on-site race book, casino and poker room. Mobile access is supported, as is live betting.

Through the Bookmaker.eu website, a host of generous welcome bonuses and player rewards are available which benefit both new and returning clients. Any discriminating sports bettor appreciates multiple banking methods, whether depositing money or cashing out your winnings. Bookmaker excels here, and also gives both you and your friends bonus money incentives when you get them to sign up and make a deposit. Credit card account funding is available, as are $1 teasers and parlays. Let's take a closer look at exactly what makes Bookmaker a top rated, legally licensed and legitimate Internet sports betting site.

Is Bookmaker Sportsbook Legitimate?

Bookmaker Is A 100% Legitimate Sportsbook

Here at Legitimate Sports Betting we recommend only those online bookmaking operations which are legally licensed. They must also hold that particular licensing in a jurisdiction or area that is respected as one of the most reputable online gambling regulatory bodies. Of course, legitimacy is almost instantly earned by the 30 years of business Bookmaker has been conducting online. As a member of the widespread and established BetCRIS gaming family, financial liquidity and depth guarantees you will never have a problem getting paid. Gaming selection is excellent, bonuses and player rewards are strong, and the lines are competitive.

These Reasons Show How We Know Bookmaker Sportsbook Is a Legit Operation:

1. BetCRIS affiliation means high level Internet gambling experience.

2. 30 years offering online gaming makes Bookmaker the "Grandaddy of Online Sportsbooks".

3. Legal licensing out of San Jose, Costa Rica means trustworthiness and dependability.

4. The company offers 10% lifetime reload bonuses on all deposits. (Can be upgraded to 15%)

Licensing And Certification

We touched on this above, but where a particular Internet sports betting operation is licensed is extremely important. There are only a handful of jurisdictions and governments which are known to reliably qualify companies for online gambling licenses. San Jose, Costa Rica is one of those places. The Internet gambling industry as a whole recognizes the San Jose online gaming regulatory body as one of the most dependable in the business.

Is Bookmaker Sportsbook Legal In The US?

Yes, Bookmaker and it's sister site Betdsi has always accepted all US players because they are licensed in Costa Rica and not located within the United States borders.

Bonuses And Promotions

Bookmaker always offers specialty bonuses when you open and fund an account during the opening of the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NCAA March Madness, baseball and football seasons. The company also consistently delivers a 15% welcome bonus good for up to $2,500 in free bonus cash on your first deposit. One bonus the company offers which is virtually unique in the industry is a lifetime deposit match. After your initial account funding deposit, you can collect 10% on every deposit you make for the rest of your life. This is certainly not something that is common in the industry, by any means.

That reload bonus can be raised as high as 15% when you reach Diamond Level Rewards status as a frequent player. The sportsbook operation of Bookmaker also allows you a 20% reload bonus on all deposits of $100 or more made every Tuesday and Wednesday. You also get paid to simply have your friends sign up and make deposits. You receive a 10% referral bonus for everyone you refer to the site. As mentioned above, all year long specialty bonuses and rewards are delivered, so it pays to frequently check the Sportsbook > Promotions area of the site for the latest offerings.

Are the Lines and Odds at Bookmaker Competitive?

If you need to know the legitimacy of the lines, odds and numbers that are generated at the Bookmaker sports betting site, you really only need to know one thing. The biggest and busiest land-based and Internet sportsbook operations wait until Bookmaker creates an opening line on all the major sporting events, and then they use that number as their base as well.

The company has earned the tagline "Where the Line Originates" because the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and NCAA betting lines for spread bets, totals and the money line Bookmaker releases are as accurate as possible. If you are looking for competitive lines, whether you play the underdog or the favorite, whether you enjoy parlays, teasers or pleasers across mixed sporting leagues, or you simply enjoy playing the money line, Bookmaker has the most accurate and attractive odds you will find anywhere, online or off.

Sports Betting Options At Bookmaker

The options for betting sports at Bookmaker reflect the fact that the company has been acting as a virtual bookmaker since 1985. They have extensive experience handling all of the major sporting leagues in the United States, the UK, South America, Asia and around the world. However, being in business for so long means that Bookmaker has access to all of the information the extensive BetCRIS family of gaming sites has accumulated over their 3 decades of operation. This means that motor sports, martial arts and golf, cricket, politics and surfing, soccer, entertainment events and even the World Series of Poker are supported for wagering.

Your sports betting options include live "while they are playing" wagering, and a trusty mobile interface for your smartphone or tablet. The sports betting options at Bookmaker even include office pools, a Streak Contest, a free odds converter and a handy sports schedule. You can simply place common spread, side, totals and money line wagers, or get a little more exotic with teasers, pleasers, propositions and "if bets". Don't see a particular sports betting option that you like? Contact customer service, and you may be able to get your wager added to the big board.

Betting Confirmations

As with all of the high-end online sports betting sites that year in and year out conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, Bookmaker confirms your bets quickly. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your particular bet has been made. But before you place that wager from your smartphone, PC or tablet, your display shows exactly the bet you are making, the amount you are wagering, and the amount of a potential payout if your bet is victorious. This feature, combined with speedy betting confirmations, means you will never place an incorrect wager.

Banking - Depositing And Cashing Out

After establishing that legal licensing is present, you should really check your banking options next. As we do, you should always guarantee fast and dependable withdrawals and deposits are offered. And that is exactly what Bookmaker delivers with a wide variety of options. That includes VISA credit card deposits for US players. Alternately, you may choose to get money into your account with Western Union or MoneyGram money transfer services. Deposit by phone is also an option, as are bank wire and draft deposit. Getting your money out after a big winning streak is in a few cases allowed straight to your debit card. However, bank wires and bank drafts are always available for withdrawals, and you may use either MoneyGram or Western Union to receive a withdrawal as well. Bookmaker supports US and international players, but not all banking options are available in every country.

Update 2016: Bookmaker recently started offering Bitcoin to their players. This allows for instant deposits and same day withdrawals. Ane one thing that really sets this site apart from the rest is you can withdraw up to $25K with a payout compared to other bookies that nickel and dime you with $3K max payout limits. Just another reason why bookmaker is one of the best in the business.

Bookmaker Sportsbook Summary

Bookmaker does a lot of things like every other Internet sports betting site should. Of course, after 30 years in business with a reputation as one of the top online sportsbooks, you should not expect anything but a perfect experience. And that is exactly what you get. Whether you access the company's wide range of sports and wager types from your smartphone, tablet or desktop PC, the interface is smooth, fast and reliable. The company offers an enjoyable mobile sportsbook which supports all the major mobile operating systems, and delivers generous rewards which include a lifetime deposit match.

Legal licensing from the same jurisdiction where they began business in 1985 means reliability and stability. Live betting is supported, as are $1 teasers and pleasers. And you will never have a problem receiving a payout, since Bookmaker is a member of the industry recognized BetCRIS family of gaming sites. There really is no area where this particular sports betting site drops the ball. So it is very easy to recommend them as one of the most legitimate, safest and secure virtual sports betting destinations found anywhere on the World Wide Web.